Saturday, June 25, 2011

New York City - Part 3 - The Met

Here we are to day two. Day two will have to be split up into several posts. We started out fairly early, because we had so much to see and do and, primarily, we wanted to go to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. The Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty display was a big draw and we wanted to get there before the crowds. Let me tell you-the Met is HUGE. lol I've never seen anything like it.

We made into the Alexander McQueen exhibit, however there were no cameras allowed. I did purchase the book after I got home and received it this week. Below is a pic of the book and my favorite outfit of the collection.

After we spent some time at this exhibit, our group went to the Egyptian exhibit. I believe I was more exited about this exhibit then any of the others. Below are some pics that I took.

LOL, I got fussed at by the security guard after this picture with the sphynx, because I was touching it. Oops!

So, this wraps up first part of day two. Next, will be Central Park and maybe the Natural Museum of History. Enjoy!! :-)

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  1. Who is Alexander McQueen? No food pics! :p ;) peace