Saturday, June 18, 2011

New York City - Part 2

Well, here is Part 2. J and I arrive, finally find each other in the airport and begin our adventure into New York City. Now, we flew into Newark in New Jersey, so we had to make our way to Zee. Zee had instructed us to take this train and that train, honestly it just all went over my head and I was totally dependent on J to get me there. lol After, several phone calls to Zee and only getting off the train once at the wrong spot(that was a little scarey) we make to NYC and to Zee. :) This is the train that we rode from NJ to NYC. My first train ride. We had to stand and I almost fell several times, but we made it.

When we arrived and climbed out of the train station, with all our luggage, this is the first site I see. Yea, I had no idea what Zee was telling me and I think I ran over somebody. I can't remember anything but thinking "OH MY GOD!!"

After I stood and stared at the very, very tall buildings, we walked over to the Republic for lunch. J and I got to meet @greenabsinthia, @scribeninja and @Vio_laine. This is what I had and I can't remember what it was, but is was delicious.

From there, Zee took us to our apartment we were renting to unpack and rest a bit. Later, we took the subway(another first for me) to the Highline where we met up with @tydestra. It was amazing. This was the view from it and it was getting dark so I didn't get very many good pics, but I included the Wiki site for it. It is an amazing addition to NYC. **@zeewriter has informed me that this is 14 Street, also known as the meat packing district *snort***

The last two pics were the Empire State building.

We stopped off at New York Burger, Co. The food was great and I had a Brooklyn Lager to go along with it.

So, I think that wraps up Friday in NYC. At this point in the evening, J and I had had virtually no sleep in 2 days and we all decided to call it a night because we made plans to hit the museums in the morning. Hope to get Part 3 up soon. It kindof took me all day to get this post done so not sure when. lol


  1. :) We did have a ton of fun!! I really need to start my blog with all my NYC updates. I loved reliving the experience thru your eyes though.
    Thanks for sharing! :)

  2. Mmmm...I loved the food pics!! ;) peace