Thursday, July 14, 2011

New York City - Part 6 - Final Day - Statue of Liberty

So, our last day in NYC. We met up with Zee and headed on over to the Statue of Liberty. It was pretty amazing. We took a boat over to the island and was able to see her up close and personal. We weren't allowed to go inside which was a little disappointing, but all in all it was pretty amazing. Here are some of our pics.

The cruise boat to the island.

The Park

New York side view from boat.

New York side view from boat.

New Jersey side view from boat.
Me and my girls. :-)

Next, will be our walk through NYC to Ground Zero.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

New York City - Part 5 - Night of Debauchery

After, we left the AMNH, we went to buy me some acceptable shoes for going out. lol Yes, I did not bring decent shoes to go out in and was gently persuaded, ok I was told, that I had to buy new shoes. lol They were nice shoes though and I really like them. Anyway, we stopped to eat lunch and the drinking began. I can't even remember what these drinks were but they were goooood. :)

After lunch, shopping for my new shoes and resting a bit at the apartment, we went to Sushi Samba on 7th Avenue. We started out with these drinks for our first round(I believe we had 2 rounds of them).

The meal was awesome and I guess I was too interested in what we were drinking to take any pics of the food(sorry Leo). We had a great time. Then we saw this Cocktail Rack from across the room and, of course, we had to have it. We got to chose 3 drinks and received 4 each in the Rack. 12 drinks total. I'm not sure how many I had, but I was drunk by the time we finished.

Next, we went to the G Lounge. We arrived and I don't remember much other than there was this very, very hot gogo dancer there. Dark, tattoed, unf. Anyway, here are the pics. I hope he doesn't mind me sharing them. He was extremely nice and humored us that night. Thank you, Mr. Hot GoGo Dancer. Enjoy!!

So, there it is. The Gogo dancer pics a bit blurry, but in our state, I guess we were lucky to get what we got. LOL!! And, apparently, I am so white I couldn't fix it. *snort* We took a taxi from the G Lounge back to our apartment, and I guess I just threw some money at the driver because I was so happy to make it back alive. LOLOL!!! Anyway, we had a great night and again thank you to Zee for humoring us and especially me that night. Love you two. :-)