Monday, September 5, 2011

New York City - Part 8 - Final Day - Dinner/Time's Square/Home

Here I am, the last post from my trip to NYC. I know it's taken me a while but stuff just seems to get in the way and my creativeness and motivation leaves me. We walked from Ground Zero to the South Street Seaport in search of dinner and more sight seeing. We found a wonderful Cuban restaurant with a beautiful view of the seaport on the balcony. We ordered White sangrias that were delicious along with several Cuban dishes. We had a very nice meal for our final evening together in the city.

After dinner, we made our way to Time's Square. I have to admit to being completely overwhelmed by the people and the Square itself. It was beautiful and mesmerizing. I didn't want to leave. I think I stood and looked up at it all while turning for a good ten minutes. LOL I'm sure I didn't look like a tourist at all. The last pic down there is the plane that I flew in from Charlotte to Chattanooga. It was essentially a bus with wings. Although, I think a bus would have had more room. :-)

So, that pretty much wraps up the trip. It was a blast and I met some wonderful and nice ladies. J and I plan on returning back to NYC next year and visiting Zee again. I can't wait.

South Street Seaport

Brooklyn, Manhattan, Williamsburg bridges (in order)

White Sangrias at the Cabana Cuban restaurant

Arroz con pollo at the Cabana

Zeewriter's meal at the Cabana - ropa vieja and plantains

View of harbor from our outside seating at the Cabana

Time's Square

Time's Square

Time's Square

Time's Square

My bus with wings that I flew on from Charlotte to Chattanooga.