Thursday, June 23, 2011

Insomnia Sucks!!

Well, if you follow me on twitter, you have had to listen to me tweet on and on about my recent battle with insomnia. In the past, I have had little episodes of it that seemed to rectify itself after a few days, but not this time. This time it has lasted approximately four weeks. Four weeks of getting between 2-4 hours of sleep most nights with a 5 hour sleep night thrown in a couple of times.

I am going crazy. Literally. I honestly think that a person can lose their mind from not getting enough sleep. Today was a particularly difficult day for me, well, this week has been rather challenging, to be honest. I realize that stress and anxiety over the past few weeks are most likely the culprit. Things have settle down a bit, not perfect, but at least not as stressful as right before my trip to New York City.

So after consulting another clinician that I work with who suffers from ADD and corresponding sleep deprivation, I decided it was time to get some medicinal assistance. I had had other tips the past few weeks ranging from *cough cough* taking care of matters to turning off all electronic devices an hour before bed. Apparently, there is some grumbling that the use of electronic devices, i.e. cellphones, ipods, computers, e-readers, before bed can contribute to difficulty falling and remaining asleep.

So, off I went to my local Walmart to score some weapons for my "Kick Insomnia's Ass" arsenal. After consulting varies co-workers, friends and twitter pals, I came up with my list. Below is a pic of what I bought and will use if need be.

Tonight, I think I am going to try the Sleepytime tea, the Melatonin and turning off all electrical devices before bedtime. The electrical devices will definitely be my biggest challenge. See, I take my phone to bed with me and read my ebooks, fanfiction, etc from it and chat or tweet depending on who hollers at me in the night. I realize that will have to all stop and even though it makes me sad, it has to be done. If I want to not go crazy in the next few days, it will have to be this way. lol

Wish me luck, everyone. As soon as I can get these kids in bed tonight, I am making my tea, taking my melatonin and turning off my computer and placing my phone where I can't get to it. lol I need to pull out some of my books to read tonight. Lord knows, I have enough to get to. Mockingjay, here I come.

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  1. There is this tea that knocks me out every time. I swear by it! It's a blue box, but I forget the name. The next time I see it I'll tweet it. Hope this has gotten better for ya! ;) peace