Wednesday, December 16, 2009


I just wanted to post a quick note tonight, because I am so thrilled. I just watched "Shelter" tonight and absolutely loved it. It is not just a gay romantic film, but a film about life, family obligations, finding and standing up for yourself. It is a great film and the stars did a wonderful job with their performances. There are no graphic sex scenes, but you just see and feel the love between Zack and Shaun. Go check it out. Especially all my tweeps who love the slash. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did. Night all.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Fanfic Favs

Name: The Day the Earth Stood Still
Author: Sare Liz
Rating: M for lemons and language
Chapters: 32
Outtakes: Separate story named DVRM: The Outtakes
Found on: and now on

So, my first fanfic fav that I am excited to write about is a story called "The Day the Earth Stood Still" by Sare Liz. I have been following this story since April, and let me tell you it is amazing.

Here is the author's take: "Summary: What if Bella wasn’t his singer? What if he could hear her thoughts? Alice is betting that she’d still rock his world, and you know me; I never bet against Alice."

Oh, and does she ever rock his world. After reading the Summary and her explanation in the first chapter AN, I thought to myself that those are very good and interesting questions. I had to read the first chapter and then I was hooked.

This story is rated M and has plenty of juicy lemons for us the enjoy. There are 32 chapters as of the latest update with a separate outtake story named "DVMR: The Outtakes." As of this date, there are 3 outtake chapters up. DESS is now on also, so go check it out here: The Day the Earth Stood Still.

This story will make you laugh, cry, sweat(in a good way) and overall love these characters. Sare Liz has done a wonderful job in bringing SM's characters to us and weaving a intriguing plot into aspects already in place with Twilight and Midnight Sun. She seems to have really done her homework and brought an aspect of Edward that can only be described as hot, hot, and hott.

Sare Liz can be found on twitter under the name of sareliz. Sare Liz has written 30 stories posted on for X-Men: The Movie, Buffy: The Vampire Slayer, X-Men, Witchblade, Ironman, Harry Potter, and Twilight. So check her out, she is a pretty amazing author.

This wraps up my first Fanfic Fav blog post. I hope you guys will take a look at this story and enjoy it as much as I have been and will continue to in the future.

Oh, if you do read this story and want to have a hot Edward voice to go with it. Go to iFic from and listen to the story "Boycotts and Barflies." Oz reads the parts for Edward and believe me and Sare, you will probably need a change in underwear after hearing his voice. Enough said. Please go to DESS on and leave a review.

iFic is a podcast that has put together featuring some of the most popular stories on It can be accessed through iTunes or Zune Marketplace as a podcast. It is worth it, trust me, just be sure and listen to the stories with your headphones on. hehe

P.S. DESS has been nominated for several categories in The Mystic Awards. So run, don't walk over there, and vote for DESS.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

My FanFic Favs

Hey everyone. I have been knocking around this idea. I usually talk with quite a few people on twitter about fanfic stories that I am reading, have read, etc. I am thinking about featuring some of my favs here on my blog. Mainly, I just want to talk about some of these amazing stories(even if it is to myself). However, I thought that maybe I can kill two birds with one stone by letting all my bb's on twitter know what stories are really making me squeal. lol There are many that do.

So, these blog entries are primarily just for me, however I plan on sharing them with all my twitter pals along the way. If you guys have any stories that just make you squeal, cry, laugh, hot, ya know, please comment and let me know. I may not have read them and I am constantly looking for new stories to read. I usually read for hours per day on new stories or just catching up on the latest updates. I love talking about these stories, but since I have no RL friends that read these with me I rely heavily on my twitter pals.

Well, I think that is enough for now. I will be working on my next post, so comment and let me know what you think, any stories you love, etc. Oh yea, I am just learning how to work this whole blog thing so if it looks crazy or you think WTF, just bare with me, I'll get it eventually. Bye for now and look for my next post.

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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Been a while

Well, I have noticed that I have not posted anything in a while. Honestly, I have been reading so much fanfic that I completely forgot to post. I had a question asked after my last post and thought I would answer. Yes, I did get my DVD/Blurays. Actually, I received 2 copies from Borders. I promise I did not order 2. haha So my total, including my, um, copy from a friend prior to release, is 6. I know that is pathetic, but I can't seem to bring myself to care. lol Knowing me, I will probably have close to that many copies of New Moon, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn. Well, that is all for now. I may start recommending some of my favorite fanfic stories on here. Not sure yet. Bye for now and hopefully if will not take me so long to post again. Thanks Val for following me. You are my only one. lol

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Where are my Twilight DVD's?

Well, as most of my twitter friends know. I have ordered 4 copies of the Twilight movie. Yes, I think Twilight/Rob has made me lose my mind, however, I can't seem to resist all the extras. I started with the Amazon copy then moved on to Borders, Best Buy(Bluray version) and then of course I had to have the 3-disk version from Target. Note: I ordered the Bluray version without actually possessing a bluray player. I then proceeded to announce to my husband that we were going to purchase a bluray player and a new HD flatscreen tv. My obsession has taken on new heights, I know.

However, here it is Sunday the 22 of March and I have 0 DVD's in my possession. Well, my twitter friends will be proud of me for exhibiting extraordinary strength and control while shopping in my local Wal-mart store yesterday. I was able to even actually pick up a copy of the Twilight Single-Disk version and not place it into my shopping cart. I even made it out of the store without going back and getting it. Of course, I did pick up a copy of Life & Style that had Rob and Kristen on the cover. All they have to do is stick a picture of Rob on the cover and I just have to have it.

Well, I anxiously look forward to getting my copies of Twilight this week. I have read all the chatter for those of you that have already received your copies and am delighted. All I can say now is that I better clean my house today, because I will not be getting anything done this week. I can assure you of that. Happy Sunday everyone. Have a good one.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

My "The Bad Mother's Handbook" Story

OK, I cringe to even write this down but since my DH and DFriends have benefited from my ignorance(and did their fair share of LAO), here I go. I have this thing about researching actors after I see a movie that I love. I had seen KStew in several of hers, Peter Fac. in Supernova(OMG he is hot), Elizabeth in Grey's Anatomy, well you get the picture. I started researching Rob Pattinson and since he hasn't done a lot of movies it was difficult. I guess it is virtually impossible to get a copy of The Haunted Airman(I even contacted BBC to no avail). I did see bits on YouTube. He does a great job by the way. Well, I WANTED The Bad Mother's Handbook. So, I ordered it off I thought I was brillant. Well, after I ordered it and it was on its way, I found out that there are different DVD regions in the world. Well, just so you guys know(I may be the only person who didn't know), North America is Region 1. UK is region 2. Needless to say that my much anticipated movie will not work in my DVD players. But there is hope, I (with some more exhausting research) figured out that most computers will allow you to switch between regions 4 or 5 times before finalizing on a region. So, I made my first switch and was able to at least watch it once. Well, I thought I would try to rip it to my Zune and guess what? It worked. So I have a copy of it on my Zune that I can watch(can't watch the DVD but this will have to do until they come to their senses and release it in region 1). So beware my friends, If you order DVD's from overseas, make sure that they are Region 1. Haha
This is my first attempt at a blog. It is still in the creating stage so be patient. I don't really know what I am doing..haha.