Tuesday, January 25, 2011

New Year's Resolution #1

So, over the weekend I started thinking that I need some resolutions this year. While, looking around my house(which really needs a good purging, but that's another resolution), I found that I had quite a few unread books piled up. See, I tend to just buy books and buy books and then buy some more books and then not have the time to read them.

On top of what I bought, my mom had also bought me the HP series and Sookie Stackhouse series. So, I decided after collecting them all and taking stock that I needed to read them before buying any more. After searching through my computer for any ebooks that I hadn't had time to read, I found that I had 59 books both bound and ebooks that needed to be read. lol I totally blame fanfiction and my new obsession with m/m books for not getting to these books.

Therefore, the following is my first New Year's resolution of the year:

1. I will read all unread books(bound and ebooks)that I currently own before purchasing any more.

This is going to kill me, but I am determined to get these books read. I have created a goal tracker on the right sidebar to keep tract with a GoodReads button that takes you to my New Year's resolution book list. Funny enough, I also have my GoodReads yearly book reading goal tracker under it. If I get these books read, then I will definitely complete my GR's goal. :D

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