Sunday, March 1, 2009

My "The Bad Mother's Handbook" Story

OK, I cringe to even write this down but since my DH and DFriends have benefited from my ignorance(and did their fair share of LAO), here I go. I have this thing about researching actors after I see a movie that I love. I had seen KStew in several of hers, Peter Fac. in Supernova(OMG he is hot), Elizabeth in Grey's Anatomy, well you get the picture. I started researching Rob Pattinson and since he hasn't done a lot of movies it was difficult. I guess it is virtually impossible to get a copy of The Haunted Airman(I even contacted BBC to no avail). I did see bits on YouTube. He does a great job by the way. Well, I WANTED The Bad Mother's Handbook. So, I ordered it off I thought I was brillant. Well, after I ordered it and it was on its way, I found out that there are different DVD regions in the world. Well, just so you guys know(I may be the only person who didn't know), North America is Region 1. UK is region 2. Needless to say that my much anticipated movie will not work in my DVD players. But there is hope, I (with some more exhausting research) figured out that most computers will allow you to switch between regions 4 or 5 times before finalizing on a region. So, I made my first switch and was able to at least watch it once. Well, I thought I would try to rip it to my Zune and guess what? It worked. So I have a copy of it on my Zune that I can watch(can't watch the DVD but this will have to do until they come to their senses and release it in region 1). So beware my friends, If you order DVD's from overseas, make sure that they are Region 1. Haha


  1. :D I loved the BMHB Rob is so adorable :D

  2. Sorry not

  3. You totally crack me up! I know there are different regions only because my husband is big into the newest and greatest things and that has come up in the past. At least you got to see it once on the DVD. Now the haunted airman, there are youtube videos out there that are good and go in order perfectly. I can't remember who sent me the links, or where to find them though. It was also very good. You do know he was in Hary Potter 5 right?