Saturday, May 7, 2011

The Warblers

I have been listening to The Warblers cd on repeat all week. I LOVE it. lol So, this morning I set out to find as many as I could on YouTube. I have so many favorites on this cd I couldn't decide which to put first, so I decided to just list them as they are on the album. Enjoy!! Oh and, I think I have developed a bit of a crush on Darren Criss.

"Teenage Dream"

"Hey, Soul Sister"

"Bills, Bills, Bills"

"Silly Love Songs" (I couldn't find vid of this)

"When I Get You Alone"

"Animal" (Best one I could find)


"Blackbird" (No vid)

"Candles" (No vid)

"Rasie Your Glass" (Sounds a bit off)

"Somewhere Only We Know"

"What Kind of Fool" (No vid)

"Do You Think I'm Sexy" (No vid)


  1. You do know that you'll have to fight Leo for Darren Criss, right? I think he's called dibs on him and Chord Overstreet. :)

    The Warblers are fantastic. All their songs are on my favorites playlist on my iPod.

    Have you heard Darren Criss' other stuff? "Human," "Jealousy," and "Not Alone" are awesome. I got them from iTunes.

  2. Eyre, hehe Leo might have a fight on his hands. lol Oh gah, Chord Overstreet is a gorgeous guy, as well. He's my second fav. There has to be some Blaine/Sam slash out there somewhere.

    No, I haven't heard Darren Criss's other stuff. I'll have to check it out. Thank you

  3. Um. You stole my post! And Darren is mine, not just mine, but ONLY mine! ;) peace

  4. Leo, lol well, okay. You can have Darren and I will take Chord. ;) Although, have you seen that boys mouth. unf

    And, as far as the post, I chose to think that great minds think alike. :D The one you posted got me a little misty, as well.